Monday, February 28, 2011

Living In the Moment

It’s been some time since I have written on my blog, but I'd like to share my heart with you today. I recently spoke to Singles at my church and advised them to stop waiting for a husband, a new home, a better job or a financial windfall, and start Living In the Moment.

Hope deferred makes a heart grow sick! However, it dawned on me, that I too was living that way. I’ve been extremely busy writing my book and learned how inept I was at a project of this size.  However, I am quickly rectifying that. There must be millions of people out there trying to get a book read, edited, or published but I never anticipated how difficult it would be.

While I enjoy the creativeness of writing, I don’t enjoy the long arduous birthing process it takes to have a somewhat decent, sellable book at the end of it. Which leads me to why I am writing today. I found myself always waiting for tomorrow...the next call, the next meeting or the next re-write – thereby causing me to live for what comes next, instead of Living in the moment.

I think I've always been a person who plans their life. After one accomplishment, I look forward to setting my sights and goals on something new. While this can be a healthy way to live and a constructive way to approach life, it didn't allow me to Live in the moment. The Bible says do not worry about tomorrow, for today has enough cares of its own. It’s also a well known fact, that we aren’t promised tomorrow – so why do I constantly live for what tomorrow may bring, instead of Living in the moment?

I have decided that my writing, preaching, or scheduled events will always be there – but my life is lost to those around me unless I Live in the moment. I am happier, less anxious and enjoy life to the fullest when I only breathe the air of this moment in time. Not looking back or looking forward, allows me to reap the fullness of what God has for me today. I don’t want to miss another beautiful sunset, a friend in need, or a flower blooming in my garden, to plans I have tomorrow.

Fulfillment only comes when you are fully content with today.  Won’t you join me in my endeavor to live for today and let my tomorrows take care of themselves by Living in the moment…

Rev. Daina House